Synthesis Services

Our isotopes are typically available in metal, elemental, oxide, chloride or carbonate forms. Additionally, our chemists can provide isotopically-enriched metal halides (fluorides, chlorides, bromides and iodides) and oxo-acid salts (carbonates, nitrates, phosphates and sulfates). To best meet your needs, we can also assist in synthesizing metals for the isotopes of the alkali and alkaline elements and the lanthanides.

When requesting a quotation, please be sure to note the metal valence or stoichiometry desired (example: FeSO4 vs. Fe2(SO4)3) — as well as the acceptability of hydrated salts, when relevant.

The more we know about your specific needs, the better we can serve you! For example, please let us know if a water-soluble salt or solution will suffice; we might be able to offer a suggestion.

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