Molecular Imaging Products

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NUCMEDCOR (NMC) is an ISOFLEX USA company specializing in molecular imaging and nuclear medicine products. All of these products are quoted and shipped through NUCMEDCOR's San Francisco office.
NUCMEDCOR offers a broad selection of PET and SPECT precursors, reference standards and reagent kits for use with several synthesis modules, including EBCO, GE TRACERlab, IBA Synthera®, Siemens Explora™, Sumitomo and Trasis AllinOne®. We also provide fully cGMP-compliant consumables and accessories, including sterile vials, sterile vacuum vialsREADI-CLING™ cartridges, cassettes, syringes and needles. 
Contact NUCMEDCOR for custom synthesis or to discuss longterm purchase and delivery options. 
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