Commitment to Excellence

Product Selection

ISOFLEX offers the largest available assortment of difficult-to-find, limited-use isotopes. With access to substantial inventories of stable isotopes worldwide, we provide expedited processing and delivery.

ISOFLEX also supplies selected radioisotopes. If you have a requirement for radioisotopes and do not see your item on our Product List, please contact us.

Competitive Pricing

Prices are quoted upon request and will depend upon the particular isotope, enrichment level, purity level, form and quantity.

Prices are quoted on the basis of elemental weight unless otherwise noted. For example, 64ZnO prices relate to the metallic content only. Thus, the price quoted for 100 mg of 64ZnO would apply to 100 mg of Zinc-64 metal, not 100 mg of 64ZnO compound.

Prices are quoted on a delivered basis and, unless otherwise specified, are valid for 30 days. Duties and taxes applicable to the country of destination are the responsibility of the customer.

We will provide a firm quotation for any isotope requested. Please inquire about long-term supply agreements and volume discounts.

Dependable Delivery

When providing a firm quotation based upon your request, we will also provide a tentative delivery schedule. Please advise us of any special delivery conditions, and we will strive to accommodate them.

We offer same-day shipping for products in inventory. Availability of certain products may be limited at times due to production cycles, so please be sure to advise us of your specific requirements.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is important in every shipment we make. Prior to shipment, all isotopes are analyzed and certified as to isotopic enrichment level and purity. Each shipment is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis.

Products sold by ISOFLEX are guaranteed to meet the specifications described in the Certificate of Analysis, providing there is no evidence of foreign contamination introduced after shipment from our facility.

Compound weight is calculated using standard stoichiometry methods, without correction for enrichment. Quoted isotopic enrichments are guaranteed within 0.5%, unless otherwise noted.

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