Selenium-75 (75Se)


Selenium-75 is an alternative to Iridium-192 for use in gamma radiography sealed sources. Selenium-75 sources provide certain performance benefits relative to Iridium-192 in non-destructive testing (NDT) of thinner-walled steel surfaces, as well as providing certain health and safety attributes. Selenium-75 provides a softer gamma ray spectrum than Iridium-192, and it has a significantly longer half-life: 120 days vs. 74 days.

ISOFLEX offers Selenium-75 either as primary inner capsules (PICs), with the customer taking responsibility for secondary encapsulation in accordance with its specific requirements, or as completed sources designed to customer specifications in industry-accepted configurations.

Sources are available in nominal activities from 30 to 120 curies. Selenium-75 sources offered by ISOFLEX contain a proprietary metal selenide composite for achieving optimum focal geometry.

Selenium-75 sources from ISOFLEX are available only under long-term contractual supply agreements. Contact us with your specific requirements.

Please click here for an excellent treatise on the benefits and applications of Selenium-75 sources in non-destructive testing.

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